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Latest entries
JRT and countryside
14.7.2020 - Ilomme Dog Training

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that this year has been a weird one. I’ve done agility for almost my entire life and the prospect of having a season off is never something that I have considered. But here we are and as a practical kind of person I am focusing on making the best of it.   Normally my entire season is focused around... Read more

31.3.2020 - Ilomme

Shaping can be very useful in training our dogs: it lets the dogs think for themselves, and make an active  choice to perform. Their hunting instinct is activated, making learning through shaping  fun for even breeds less eager to please! For example terriers or hunting dogs like beagles are happier  to work independently from their handlers.... Read more

28.1.2020 - Marjut

With great strength comes great agility! Or, that’s what I really, really hope for. Else we’ve spent over a year of fitness training for nothing. Will the hours spent in balance, proprioception, core support and jump technique training pay off?   I think dog fitness is a great way to start hanging out and playing with your puppy! Fitness,... Read more

Trainer ABC's

Improve as a trainer! This section introduces generally used terms and training techniques. What are dogs like as a species, how can positive reinforcement create lasting behaviors and what is the ILOMME training model? In this section you can find the answers to the above questions, among other things.


Train At Home

It isn't always possible to train with a perfect setup in an agility hall or -field. In the Train At Home-category you'll find a set of exercises you can do on your backyard or in your living room! They're designed so you need very little equipment.


Life skills

Do you want ease in your everyday life? Are both you and your dog getting stressed when you meet other dogs or when a journey to the vet is ahead? No worries! The courses in the Life skills section will help both you and your dog in everyday challenges. Together you will learn to calm down for treatment, travel and encountering new or scary things so that both of you feel good and safe.



Self-control, calming down, heeling and learning skills are every dog’s life skills, that make both the dog’s and the owner’s life easier. The ILOMME training ideology is built around these basic skills and we feel that by mastering them, every pet’s quality of life can be improved significantly. For this reason, we offer a separate introductory course for each of these skills for FREE.



At its best agility is seamless cooperation between the dog and the instructor; joy, delight and speed, which both enjoy. By following the ILOMME agility path you gain a great deal of quality in your training. The method minimizes the amount of dog-wearing repetitions in your training and is unbelievably efficient!


Health and wellbeing



Ilomme was born out of passion to do good for animals – and people.

First of all, we want to create the best animal training service in the world,
available for anybody in the world. Hence, we operate online.

Secondly, we want to show that animals are more intelligent than us human beings imagine.
Their ability to learn through positive reinforcement is astonishing.

Thirdly, the cohabitation of animals and humans is all about communication, the ability to understand each other.
When the animal and a human being learn together, the quality of life of both improves.

When the wordless connection with humans and animals is formed it is a goose bumby experience.
We want to offer that experience to as many people as possible.

We want to make the world a better place by increasing the happy companionship of people and animals.

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Anita Pesola

Animal Trainer
Nose Work and Dobo Trainer

Harri Katainen

Animal Trainer / Dog Agilty Trainer

Heidi Annala

Animal trainer
Agility trainer and enthusiast
Dobo trainer

Katriina Tiira

PhD, biologist and animal behavior researcher

Sanni Kariniemi

Agility trainer and enthusiast

Susanna Vartiainen

Animal Physiotherapist


Auli Ekdahl

Chief Executive Officer


Tiina Haring

Creative Director

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