Better faster stronger

With great strength comes great agility! Or, that’s what I really, really hope for. Else we’ve spent over a year of fitness training for nothing. Will the hours spent in balance, proprioception, core support and jump technique training pay off?   I think dog fitness is a great way to start hanging out and playing with your puppy! Fitness, even before it’s really fitness training, was a great way to get Kiri working with me. In puppy fitness class he learned how to behave in training halls with other dogs around as well as where to put his paws. Getting him Read more…

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Kiri jumping

5 things to think about training

Do you actually think about why you do something? Are you critically evaluating why you do what you do? Because I personally really think you should. I know thinking is hard. Do it anyway. Cake helps. I’m an over-thinker, just as a disclaimer from the start. A perfectionist, cautious over-thinker. You may not like all these thoughts, or you may love all of them, or you may in general just not like thinking. I also hate thinking on several occasions, like Monday mornings, long tired afternoons, rainy days, and when hungry. I love thinking about training though, to the frustration Read more…

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Wide angle shot of dog and mountains

Dreams, fears and mountains. Together.

By day, I go to work, play with the dogs, eat, repeat. Just like all the other people, because clearly, everyone has a pet to play with. But by night… …well, actually, I sleep. But I dream big. Back about six years, when I was still a poor biomedical university student, I decided I wanted to go hiking in Scotland. I’m not really sure why – perhaps it was the whiskey (which I may or may not have been drinking at the time), the mountains, or the kilt-wearing men, I honestly don’t know. Maybe all of the above. Somewhat similarly Read more…

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