Agility exercise bank: full runs, few obstacles

Do you want to train agility easily and quickly? Do you feel like building big, complex courses is too hard? Here is our solution to all of you training alone: a course map and exercise bank by Sanni Kariniemi!

Let’s Think about Agility again with Sanni Kariniemi! From this agility practice bank you get ideas for training agility efficiently and effortlessly. All courses are easy and fast to build – you only need a couple obstacles to get a varied course profile!

Easy to adjust

You can easily adjust the exercises for your skill level. These course maps allow you up to 20 consequent moves – or short stretches for testing different handling techniques and building speed.

These training sessions build up to a systematic whole, designed to increase your dogs agility skills. At the same time you learn which handling techniques work best for you. All exercises come with multiple alternatives to solve the same situation. Test them all to find your favorite!

Remember – you can also find the fastest way. Remember to time your runs and compare!

What is in the exercise bank?

This training bank consists of 10 exercises to help you and your dog train obstacle focus and certainty. You learn new skills and maintain the ones you already have.

All the exercises keep distances between obstacles long. This helps your dog learn the next jump isn’t always just a few canter strides away. Your dog stops assuming and taking the first obstacle they see, instead focusing and listening to your handling cues.

Long stretches between obstacles also help increase speed.

The training exercises don’t only challenge your dog. Your memory is also at a test: remember how you planned to handle each obstacle, when the same course is done multiple times and always using a different solution.

On this course

  • You learn to better know your dog: which handling techniques work best, which are fastest
  • Your dog learns to listen to handling cues even at full speed
  • Your dog can work independently and develops better obstacle focus
  • Trust increases: your dog can work further away from you

Welcome to train along with Sanni!