Calming down in one’s own place

With the ILOMME training method, we want you to be able to teach your dog how to control his state of mind as well. Just as people, dogs also benefit a lot from being able to calm down.

When one’s mind calms down, one’s heart rate calms down and one’s muscles relax. This is a comprehensive phenomenon, in which the mind and the body work together. Facing difficult things and giving treatment is easier, when your dog is able to calm down.

Teaching your dog to calm down is very similar to teaching him self-control skills. Instead of shaping behavior, you are trying to influence your dog’s state of mind. Calming down is a very important skill and it should be practiced daily. Teaching the behavior only takes a couple of minutes but reaching a master level requires regular practice.

On this course:

  • You learn to teach your dog how to calm down
  • You learn how to reward your dog for calming down

Calming down should first be practiced in a place familiar to the dog, at home, for example, and then gradually move to an environment that contains more distractions.  

Enjoy learning together!