Get to know your dog

Is your dog trying to tell you something? How do you know when your dog is being normal? Do you need an interpreter to understand your dog? This course will help you read your dog’s thoughts!

On this course you will learn about the dog as a species; its characteristics and care. When you understand your dog’s messages, it’s easier for both of you to find suitable patterns of behavior in challenging situations. 

Mutual understanding will weld you and your dog together in a new amazing way!

Understanding your dog’s origin and natural living environment helps you treat your dog fairly. You will learn to recognize your dog’s specific behavioral needs and reasons for behaving a certain way.

Appropriate care will ensure your dog’s wellbeing. On this course you will learn the skills a dog owner needs and as you follow the ILOMME path, your dog will also learn to be cared for and trust you. A healthy dog is a happy dog!

A dog’s most important task in life is to be a dog and only after this can he fully concentrate on being your best friend. You can be your dog’s best friend by taking care of him appropriately!

This course is available to you for free.

Enjoy learning together!