Getting used to a crate

Would you like your dog to travel in peace and stress-free? 

Almost every pet needs to travel at some point in his life or stay in a crate temporarily for another reason. Without being appropriately familiarized with it, the crate can be a scary place for your dog or other pet. You can also feel stressed if already departure is complicated and your pet doesn’t want to get in the crate.

The purpose of the crate is to be a safe place for your pet, in which he can travel without unnecessary stress.

How does a crate become a pleasant place?

On this course:

  • You learn to familiarize your dog with being in a crate
  • Your dog learns to view his crate as a pleasant resting place
  • Your dog feels safe in the crate 

When your dog knows he is safe in the crate, he doesn’t need to stress about anything happening on the outside of the crate or the crate being moved. Your own stress level also lowers when you know your dog is fine on the journey. This way you can both feel rested when you arrive and focus on the essential: training, trialling or playing!

By buying this course, you’re one step closer to making travel pleasant.

Enjoy practicing together!