Leave it!

Giving something up is an important skill for a dog. It’s all about letting the dog make appropriate choices. When you have taught this vital skill to your dog, he will also make good choices off leash and enjoy making them, because he is rewarded with play and praise.

By giving something up, your dog learns self-control, waiting for his turn as well as controlling his impulses. Cues such as ”drop it”, ”leave it” and ”out” can be used as a slip-up word to stop unwanted behavior. Its function is contrary to that of the clicker.

 The clicker increases previous behavior whereas the slip-up word decreases it. When the dog hears the slip-up word, he knows he has lost his chance to get the reward.

On the course you will also learn the 1-2-3 GO game. In the game the dog eagerly awaits for permission (the correct word) to play with you. When he has been given permission, your dog will lunge for the toy. The 1-2-3 GO game is handy when you want to focus your dog’s drive before releasing him. This is a useful game when training agility running contacts, for example, but it’s also a fun game with your dog.

On this course:

  • You learn to play with your dog, which strengthens your bond
  • Your dog learns to give up an object when necessary
  • The 1-2-3 GO game, with which you can increase your dog’s drive

By purchasing this course, you are taking a step towards a safer and more fun life together.