Recall foundations

There are many situations in which both heeling and a good recall are very important. When your dog masters these skills, your dog will never run away. A dog that is in control can be recalled successfully whenever and in any situation.

Now you begin to create a trusting relationship with your dog. The tasks on this course are suitable for both adult dogs and puppies. With a puppy these tasks help build a strong and positive relationship with your dog from the moment you meet him. With a young or adult dog the tasks will strengthen your trust in each other.

  • Your dog learns his name and what it means
  • Your dog learns to like putting on a collar because it is a sign of something good coming
  • You will learn to teach your dog recall foundations

The course consists of three tasks that you should practise regularly with your dog in as many different places as possible. This way your dog’s skills will develop in a flash! Add challenges and distractions gradually. And remember that, if you are not progressing on a certain task, either simplify your request or move to an environment with less distractions.

Enjoy practising together!