Target training with a clicker

On this course your dog will learn to learn! Once your dog has learnt the logic of learning, you can teach him more demanding skills rather easily and quickly.

Dogs are intelligent and love problem solving. They require challenges to be happy. In addition to being fun, dog training stimulates your dog’s life. Your dog’s path to a master learner begins when he understands that by doing something he can achieve something: ”if I now actively try to solve this problem, the human will give me the treat I want”.

On this course:


  • you learn the fundamentals of clicker training
  • your dog understands the link between the clicker and the reward
  • your dog learns the fundamentals of target training


Your dog will also learn to be active in training sessions and offer you different behaviors. This is, in effect, the key to target training, learning and mental well-being. You can take advantage of target training skills both in life and in hobbies in many different ways, when encountering another dog or in agility, for instance.

Enjoy learning together!