The ILOMME training model

How can training be more efficient? How to avoid both own and dog’s frustration, mistakes and getting tired?

The ILOMME training model helps you find the answers to the above questions. When you view training through our model, you will know when to add challenge and when to possibly make the task easier for your dog to understand what you expect of him.

When the aim of the task is clear to you and your dog, training will be rewarding and fun. Having fun together will make your relationship stronger!

With this model you can train your dog efficiently on the animal’s terms.

Dogs’ behavior is driven by emotions, just as ours is. When training our dogs, we have to know how to affect our dogs’ emotions in a way that makes doing what we want fun and worthwhile. When you follow our model, you will notice when your dog’s mental state is no longer optimal for learning and you can immediately change your behavior accordingly. Preparation, as according to our model, helps anticipate possible dangers.

The seamless cooperation between a skillful dog trainer and a dog that wants to learn is lovely to watch and can even resemble art. Does this description sound like the cooperation between you and your dog? No worries, the ILOMME training model can help you become a skilled dog trainer and your dog a skillful student!

Enjoy learning together!