Is your dog distracted by the environment? Can your dog focus while practicing?

Do you know how to apply insightful learning in training your dog?

On this course you will learn to create a super reward that helps you catch your dog’s attention. Always. Everywhere.

On this course, by learning to appeal to your dog’s emotions and utilizing them, you will learn to create a super reward that your dog is willing to work hard for! 

This course is created together with Katriina Tiira and the ILOMME- team, with the purpose of offering you a new tool in training your dog: a super reward

All dogs don’t automatically get excited by toys, but all dogs’ motivation towards toys can be developed and grown. On this course, you will learn to transform a toy into what is, from your dog’s perspective, the most interesting object in the world: more precious than a treat or another dog training next to him. This super reward will become a source of strength for your dog. Something your dog wants badly enough to even make him climb a tree. 

On this course you will learn:

  • Why toys are better super rewards than treats
  • How to transform toys to function as a super reward 
  • How to utilize a super reward in agility and other dog sports
  • How to get your dog’s undivided attention in any circumstance

Why is it important to use a reward that motivates enough? 

Dogs’ rewarding systems work similarly to the slot machines in the supermarket foyers: a small win makes the player want to continue playing the game and a jackpot leaves a lifelong memory of an intoxicating winning experience. The toy presented on this course is a dog’s jackpot – a super reward.

How to utilize a super reward? 

A super reward makes all training easier and more effective. It can be used in everyday obedience training, but it’s also an extremely effective tool in enhancing speed in agility, when doing the running dog walk, for example. A super reward boosts your dog’s motivation to try harder. When your dog has a strong desire to receive the super reward, he is able to focus on performing even in the midst of distractions. He will want to work with you since you hold the key to the super reward.

Welcome on a journey of becoming a super trainer!