Waiting for permission

You and your dog encounter situations daily, in which waiting for permission is key and sometimes even lifesaving. Exiting the car, passing through a doorway, getting food – these are all situations which are much easier for you both when your dog waits for permission before acting.

Opportunities to practise this skill are frequent. Do not waste these everyday opportunities, but make them part of your training program. In addition to being a useful skill, waiting for one’s turn develops your dog’s self-control.

On this course:

  • you learn to teach the basics of waiting for one’s turn
  • you learn to practise waiting for one’s turn in three different situations: waiting for one’s food, exiting a car and passing through a doorway.

You can apply the same training method to other situations that require waiting for one’s turn. By buying this course, you will gain a useful tool for many different everyday situations.

Enjoy training together!