Delivery terms


Valid as of 1.9.2017 until further notice.

 1. Application

The following Terms and Conditions govern your use of Aniverse Oy’s and its auxiliary firm-names’ (hereinafter ”ILOMME”) web sites and and apply to your access and use of the online services (hereinafter ”service”) they offer.

The terms and conditions apply to both registered and unregistered users’ use of the Service. The terms apply to an unregistered user during the entire time the Service is in use, and to a registered user until the user’s user name has been deleted. The terms and conditions are applied to the online training services (hereinafter ”online training”) offered in the Service when the user has bought a training course.

2. Service contents

The Service is a unity of different services, offered by ILOMME at a given time, material and an online shop with a prevailing portfolio.

ILOMME has the right to change the selection of services, operations, contents and availability of the Service at any time. The Service ban be used on different devices and may vary as regards to contents and functions. 

3. Service usage

3.1. Service use

The user commits to use the Service only for personal, non-commercial purposes.

3.2. Unregistered Service use

Some services are available without needing to register as a Service user. Unregistered use is available to the extent that ILOMME finds necessary. ILOMME reserves the rights to change, alter and delete components that allow unregistered use of the Service. The components may also be altered in a way that only registered users can use them.

3.3. Registering

Some services require user registration. When registering, the user must enter the required personal details. The user is responsible for the details being valid and complete. During registration the user must also choose a user name and password (hereinafter combined ”user identification”).

ILOMME is not responsible for the unauthorized, inappropriate or illegal use of user identification, provided it is revealed, guessed, cracked or bugged. All actions are considered those of the owner of the user identification in question. If a user becomes aware of the wrongful use of one’s user identification, or its confidentiality has been compromised, the user must inform ILOMME immediately. In that case, ILOMME can, with discretion, terminate the user identification to prevent misuse. 

The user of the Service must be at least 15 years old. All those under the age of fifteen or otherwise incompetent must examine the terms and conditions with one’s parents or supervisor and get their approval of them before using the Service.

3.4. User identification termination

A registered user has the right to delete one’s user identification. It is terminated by sending an email to The termination will come into effect within forty eight (48) hours of ILOMME giving notification of receiving the request for termination.

3.5. Conduct and usage denial

The user is personally liable for the use of the Service; both for one’s messages and actions in the Service. The user must use the Service in accordance with the terms and conditions, valid regulations and good conduct. ILOMME regards the following acts as contrary to the terms in question:

distributing or sending illegal, injurious or abusive contents;

hacking or distributing false or damaged software;

sending material or data that violates ILOMME or third party copyrights or other incorporeal rights;

abusing the Service in a way that violates these terms and conditions or any other applicable laws or regulations;

other users’, people’s, groups’, juristic persons’ intimidation, bullying, abuse, harassment or persecution;

posing as another person;

using or attempting to use other users’ passwords or user identification;

sending files containing viruses or damaged data;

any operation that modifies object or binary code into source code; and

downloading any software or parts of software from the Service (with the exception of situations, in which ILOMME or a third party have specifically permitted downloading).

If ILOMME finds that a user has violated these terms and conditions and/or used the Service for anything illegal or prohibited, ILOMME can without any responsibility towards the user prohibit him or her from accessing the Service for an unlimited amount of time or delete his or her user identification.

3.6. Payment

Accessing the free contents requires registering for the Service. The contents subject to a charge are paid for beforehand and non-refundable.

4. Incorporeal rights

ILOMME has the proprietary rights, copyright, trademark and all other incorporeal rights to all the contents included in the ILOMME Service as well as those sent to the user, unless notified otherwise. Lending, copying, saving, altering, modifying, moving, giving away or exploiting the contents even partly without a written consent from ILOMME beforehand is strictly prohibited.

The data and instructions given to the online training customers, in particular, are based on confidential data and know-how, that is exclusive property of ILOMME. The above-mentioned instructions and other contents are given to the user of the Service solely for his or her personal non-commercial use. It is strictly prohibited to give away instructions or other material to others, as well as releasing or sharing it in any electronic or other media. A user that violates this term, is fully responsible for recompensating the copyright offense to ILOMME.

5. Service usability

ILOMME cannot guarantee nor be responsible for the user’s connection functioning as expected or the Service always being available without interruption.

The user is responsible for owning the devices, programs and systems, such as data terminal equipment, browsers, cell phone plans and telecommunications required for the proper use of the Service as well as data security. ILOMME will not guarantee that the Service functions with the user’s devices, programs, systems or cell phone plans.

6. Data disclaimer

Although ILOMME does its best to ensure that the data in the Service is true and up-to-date, it may include some inexactness and mistakes.

The products’ availability and price data in the Service may be inexact to some extent. ILOMME has the right to correct the mistakes and alter the data released in the Service whenever. 

In addition, the user must always assess the suitability of the data and instructions, given to the user in the Service, for the user and his or her pet, taking into consideration the pet’s health, physical qualities and other circumstances.

7. Limitations

The user accepts that he or she uses the Service and its contents at his or her own risk. The Service is accessible to the user as it is and ILOMME reserves the right to alter and change the Service whenever.

ILOMME is not responsible for the contents, the data sent to the user, the suitability of the data for an individual user, the accuracy, possible mistakes or delays in the Service.

ILOMME is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages including, but not being limited to, any loss of income, interruption of business, loss of or damaged data or data, that results from the use of the Service or prevention of use.

8. Changes to the Terms of Service

ILOMME reserves the right to alter the terms in question. The up-to-date terms are notified in the Service. Continued use of the Service is regarded as accepting the updated terms.

9. Transfer of contract

The user is not entitled to transfer the rights and responsibilities mentioned in the terms and conditions, relating to the online training service, to an outsider.

ILOMME always has the right to transfer the Service and some or all of the rights and responsibilities mentioned here to a third party, in consequence of a business transaction, a business arrangement or another justifiable reason, without the user’s authorization. 

10. Product delivery terms

A binding order is formed when a customer sends an order to ILOMME and ILOMME has confirmed the order.

The prices of the products and services are determined by the up-to-date price list. All the prices include VAT (value added tax). ILOMME reserves the right to price list alterations.

The ownership of the products belongs to ILOMME until the product has been paid for in full.

In the Service, one can only pay with the payment methods accepted by ILOMME.

ILOMME is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, except for those demanded by peremptory legislation.

11.  Payment methods

Unless otherwise notified, the accepted methods of payment in the Service are credit card and online bank payment, as well as a Collector invoice. Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7), in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions, serves as the payment proxy service and payment service provider. When paying with Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCards, Paytrail Oyj will be shown as the payee on the invoice.

Check out the details from the payment method terms on the Service web page.

12. Force majeure

If the responsibilities mentioned in the terms and conditions, as well as those separately agreed with the customer, cannot be fulfilled due to a force majeure such as a natural phenomenon, catastrophe, legislation or authoritative decree, strike or suchlike, over which ILOMME has no influence, ILOMME is released from its obligation for the duration of the force majeure circumstances that prevent it from fulfilling its obligations. In that case, the customer is not entitled to compensation from ILOMME for the violation of the contract.

13. Settling an argument

The arguments involving the Service, between ILOMME and a customer, are settled in Kuopio district court. According to the consumer protection policy, however, a consumer has the right to file a complaint in the district court, in which judicial district his place of residence is situated. If the user does not have a place of residence in Finland, the arguments are settled in Kuopio district court.

Finnish law is applied to these terms and conditions excluding the connecting factor rule of international civil law.

Other rules and regulations

Finnish law is applied to the processing of personal details based on the Privacy Policy in question.

ILOMME has the right to alter the Privacy Policy whenever. The up-to-date Privacy Policy is published in the Service.