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The ILOMME mission is to improve the quality of of life for as many dogs and people as possible. That’s why we offer many courses for free.

Train yourself as a trainer and learn to better understand your dog through the “Trainer ABC’s” section. The skills common to dogs we call well behaved “good dogs” you can find in the “basic skills” section.

You can find free courses in all our categories to help you get to know our training ideology and increase your dog’s wellbeing.

10 reasons why ILOMME training is worth it

  1. Many free exercises, lectured and blogs
  2. By subscribing to our newsletter you get training tips and benefits, and are the first to know about new courses and events
  3. Registering for a membership allows you to track your progress on the free courses through your account
  4. You get to be a part of a happy, positive ILOMME dog training community
  5. Training methods used by professionals
  6. Less repeats, accelerated more efficient learning
  7. Supports dog and human learning
  8. Practice independently at the best time for you
  9. Get to know new people who share your passion and joy about dog sports
  10. Joy and efficiency to your training!

Why register for a membership?

Only through registration can you track your progress, also on the free courses. You can tick parts of the exercise as done and get to see your collection of skills grow!

Why subscribe to the newsletter?

By subscribing to our newsletter, you get dog training tips among other cool things. The letters also include offers and articles. Any news about new courses are also first released through the letters!

Support from the community

ILOMME Dog Training TEAM– facebook group is open to everyone. You get to

  • share your training and ideas
  • follow what others are training and how
  • talk and be supported by like-minded dog enthusiasts and trainers
  • ask questions regarding ILOMME-exercises from our trainers. By buying a monthly or yearly membership, you can see the answers to the questions, yours and others’, on the website.

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