Do you want to be a modern pack leader?

By modernising your view of dogs, you can enjoy your hobby more

Update your knowledge

What kind of leader is unfamiliar with the area they are leading in? Every leader should be able to explain his or her solutions logically; why something has been done to a dog and what the objective of that solution is. The truth is that dogs and wolves are closely related but so are humans and chimpanzees. Does this mean that people behave like chimpanzees and dogs behave like wolves? No. By implementing a training technology, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, classical conditioning and acclimation, we can train dogs (and other species) effectively and ethically. 

Be a good teacher

A good teacher reinforces a student’s motivation to learn and in any given feedback, does not focus on things that did not go right. The same applies when training a dog. Stop punishing for unwanted behaviour, instead, focus on things that are accomplished correctly. Training is a mechanical skill. Practice it continually.

When training, you achieve what you reinforce, not what you set out to achieve. Are you reinforcing the right behavior in your training?

Learn to interpret your dog’s body language correctly

Help your dog to survive in a humans’ world and to relate to everyday phenomena that can seem scary from an animal’s perspective. Create more pleasant meanings for scary situations.