Is my dog relaxed?

Behavioral needs have their own hierarchy. Fear causes stress, in other words, makes the body produce stress hormones, which are needed when preparing to fight or run away from something. Stress makes a dog behave in an atypical way, and considerably weakens his ability to learn.  

Basically, all insecurity is fear. A dog is interested in food or play only when he feels safe. 

Do as follows:

Stage 1: Observe your dog 

Bring your dog to the training situation and observe his body language. Being relaxed, or the opposite of it, tells whether or not he is ready to be trained. 

Stage 2: If your dog is nervous, find out why

The reason for being nervous is not necessarily essential. Familiarize your dog systematically and one by one with all possible reasons that can make him nervous, until he is completely relaxed in the situation. A dog is not doing well if he’s afraid in all or nearly all situations. In that case, turn to a vet or another professional for help.