Putting on a collar

The dog should see the collar as a sign that something fun is about to happen. With the help of this task, your dog will want to dive into his collar.

The best way to train something is to make it a regular habit, in other words a routine. Putting on a collar should be such habit.

Teaching the behavior only takes a couple of minutes a day but requires regular practise every day.

Task stages: 

Stage 1: familiarize your dog with putting on the collar

  1. Call your dog by his name
  2. Feed your dog treats through the collar
    • If your dog is worried about the collar, put your whole hand through the collar to feed

 Stage 2: continue until your dog accepts the collar

  1. Practise daily until your dog is relaxed around the collar
    • Your dog lets you put the collar on
    • Your dog lets you hold on to the collar around his neck
    • Your dog lets you take the collar off him remaining calm throughout
  2. Repeat the above every time you go outside, until the dog learns to link the collar with going outside. When your dog learns to link the two, taking out the collar will bring about enthusiasm.

If your dog doesn’t like going on walks, find out why and turn to an appropriate specialist.

Test yourself

Take out the collar and the leash and call your dog. You have passed the test if:

  1. your dog immediately comes straight to you when you call him
  2. your dog lets you put on and take off his collar remaining calm throuhout
  3. your dog gets enthusiastic when he sees his collar as he has understood the link between the collar and going outside