Search for international brand ambassadors is open!

Are you ready to go? We are looking for cheerful and positive dog enthusiasts, just like you, to share your training by ILOMME method.

What does being ILOMME ambassador mean?

We will give you our online course and all the support you’ll need to progress in your dog sport and develop a better companionship with your dog. During year 2020 our focus will be in running contacts.

We wish to see you share your training in your social media channels and being an active member in our dog society.


If you too think dogs are intelligent creatures, you want to train in modern ways and achieve surprisingly fast results, CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!

EDIT 27 th February

We have replied to all the applicants. If you haven’t received e-mail from us, check your junk mail folder! New ILOMME Ambassadors will be announced soon!



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