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Nothing is more rewarding than a happy dog and a happy owner! We have gathered below some feedback the users of ILOMME Dog Training.



Tiina Harju on Instagram


“ILOMME Running Dog Walk -course has opened up my eyes. I have found a whole new way to train agility. I have also changed my entire perception of agility. I do not want to run ahead of my dog and by slowing him down, try to avoid him drifting to the wrong obstacles. No. I want to have an agility dog who flows the course freely and informatively guided. Independently.


I have been extremely satisfied with ILOMME online courses. I was told one can not learn online. I disagree. I have learnt by far most on ILOMME courses and my dog is a proof of that! “



Tiina Harju in ILOMME facebook group

“It feels like my dog has developed in giant leaps. ???? We will never give up on this!”


13.5. 2019

Tiina Harju on Instagram

” Take a tight curve and then GO! ????????????Today they asked me, what on earth have I been feeding that dog? ????Just Sanni Kariniemi’s doctrines on Aware Agility Dog ????.

I let the video speak for itself.  – ❤️SYKE❤️ “




Emma Lahtinen & Kelmi

The course is excellent! The structure is clear and videos including different kind of dogs support the written instructions. The course has brought up a lot of quality in our training with a lot less repeats than before. We have got a lot of new ideas for our training. Thank you! ❤️



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